Barbara Cummings

Meditation Training Class with Barbara Cummings

Barbara Cummings, transformational life coach and founder of the blog Sassy, Sensual, Easy Living, is offering a two hour online meditation class to help deal with stress. Barbara believes that “meditation is the antidote for stress. It helps us avoid it, temper it, deal with it, minimize it, and tame it.” With the holiday season[…]

Barbara Cummings

An Afternoon Women’s Salon in New England

The July evening salon presented by Barbara Cummings was such a success, they’ve decided to have another. Join Barbara and host Georgina this Sunday afternoon for some lively conversation and the forging of new friendships.   Date: Sunday August 24th Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm Place: 10 Downey Place, Hopkinton, MA RSVP by email or phone:[…]

Barbara Cummings

Evening Salon With Barbara Cummings in MA

Barbara Cummings, designer of the Sassy Sensual Series, and Women At Woodstock alum, will be co-presenting an evening salon for women in Hopkinton, MA this Thursday. The topic of discussion will be Sleep. Learn what may be keeping you from a good night’s rest and how to make your bedroom into a haven for relaxation[…]

Barbara Cummings

Sharing Our Desires With Women Who Get It

I like this recent blog post by Barbara Cummings, one of our Experts from WAW 2012. Favorite quote: “Desires fill us with a sense of hope and happiness when we daydream about them. They are not always understood by others and sometimes, if we express them to someone, their reaction might be, ‘Why would you[…]

Barbara Cummings: Check out her newly branded website, “Your Sexy Life”

  Barbara Cummings attended the original Women At Woodstock in 2012 and unfortunately can’t be with us this year because she’ll be traveling in Rome!  Have you seen her newly branded website, Your Sexy Life?  See what she talks about and subscribe to her newsletter to get juicy tips on how to live a more[…]