Mary Freer & Jackie Elfvin

You Are Invited to Join Our Backlink-Finder Guinea Pig Club

One of the central missions of NetMarketing-123 is to inform website owners about search engine optimization and show them cool tools and techniques to drive more and more traffic to their websites.   Today I’m proud to share my own useful tool for driving  more traffic to your website! I created a new (and free)[…]

6 Ways to Fail at SEO

Here are the top 6 ways that many small business owners fail at SEO, and what to do about them. If you miss the boat on these, your web traffic is gonna suck. 1.    “I already took care of it.  My SEO is done.” Like grocery shopping, there is no “done.” New rules, new social[…]

Guest Blogging to Build Backlinks

We found a resource that makes it possible to find and contribute to blogs as a guest blogger without searching the internet using a bunch of keywords and reading blog after blog, then searching for the blog host’s email address.  It’s called Blogger Linkup, and it’s a free clearinghouse where those seeking guest bloggers and[…]