The Louise Log

I Made Anne Happy – Anne Made Me Happy – We’re Both Happy!

One of my first “Dutch Aunt” sessions has come back to haunt me – in a very happy way. I worked with Anne Flournoy, the genius behind “The Louise Log,” on why her site’s web ranking – and web traffic – had plummeted precipitously starting in March of 2015. I dug in, looked at the[…]

Alexa score

Poor Alexa – So Many Rumors, So Much Misunderstanding

Do you own your own website or blog? Yes? Then do you know what your site’s Alexa score is? Do  you know what an Alexa score is? For those of you who don’t know about Alexa rank – it’s a sort of popularity score of “best” to “worst” websites, as judged by traffic to the[…]