Suzanne Braun Levine – You Gotta Have Girlfriends

Suzanne Braun Levine

I’m so gratified that Suzanne Braun Levine has made plans to return to Women At Woodstock this year – both East and West! The original editor of Ms. Magazine, author of many books including the How We Love Now series, and a regular contributor to Huffington Post, among many other accomplishments, Suzanne graciously agreed to deliver the keynote speech at the inaugural Women At Woodstock 2012, and was highly requested for a return engagement this year. She’s agreed to be our keynote speaker at our retreat in Berkeley in July, and then she will lead our “Friendship and Intimacy” workshop at the Woodstock retreat in October.  I can’t wait to see her again and have the pleasure of listening to her insights and wisdom!

So how great is it that she’s just published her newest book, You Gotta Have Girlfriends – out just yesterday!  It’s Suzanne’s first ebook and a warm, engaging read.  She shares the stories of so many women, and I guarantee you, you’ll see yourself and some of your friends on the pages.  We’ve given it top billing in our Books and Resources store; check it out.

Suzanne talked with Eileen Williams on the Feisty Side of Fifty radio show about women’s friendships, and shared a slew of eye-opening statistics on the actual, physical health benefits of having friendships with women. Listen to these cool facts, and Suzanne’s thoughtful discussion about the value of friendships, here.

Gotta Have Girlfriends



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