June 26, 2017

Story Cottage

Welcome to the Story Cottage, a part of the Women At Woodstock 2017 Writers Retreat. Here you can register for just a single half-day workshop, one full day, or any combination of days and half-days during the three days of our retreat. All workshops will be facilitated by resident writing coach Colleen Geraghty, who will create a safe space for you to write and practice your developing skills with prompts, discussions, and short writing sessions.  For more information about Colleen, click here.

Morning workshops run from 9 am to noon. Afternoon workshops run from 2 to 5. Meals will not be served. If you’re coming for the full day, bring your lunch!

Pricing: $50 for a half-day workshop, $80 for a full day (two workshops)

The Story Cottage is housed in the Garden House at Lifebridge Sanctuary, up a short path from the main lodge, at:

The Garden House
Lifebridge Sanctuary
333 Mountain Road
Rosendale, NY 12472

For more information about Lifebridge Sanctuary, visit their site here.