June 22, 2015

Bring Your Idea to Life – Starting to Write or Honing Your Craft

This workshop is key for both the novice and the ongoing writer alike.  Whoever you are, and no matter how much experience you have – a lot or none at all – facing the blank page or screen is daunting, over and over again.  And once you’ve started a work, it’s not always easy to shape it as you want it to be, not a simple thing to bring it to life.  Do you know how to use words as your tools and your weapons and your anger and your love and your magic wand?  Could you learn to do what you already do as a writer, even better, more powerfully?

Yes.  The answer is yes.  And at this workshop, you will learn how, thanks to the energetic, knowledgeable, kind, honest, and motivating teaching style of Linda Lowen.  If you are a writer; if you want to be a writer, you cannot miss this.


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