So Let’s Talk About My Hair

So Let’s Talk About My Hair

Really – it’s a workshop. And it’s not really about hair. It’s about self-discovery and self-acceptance. Janet Neal is a tireless advocate for women’s empowerment, having been an early influencer in the area of work/life balance in the 1990’s. She opened a co-working center for women in 2007, before there was such a term and certainly before there were such centers just for women. She has written numerous articles and two books on the topic of women’s empowerment – or learning how to be a “Superbwoman,” not a “superwoman.” She’s been on nationally syndicated radio shows and podcasts talking about “being the ‘Be’,” and she’s been a speaker at Working Mother Magazine’s Work Life Congress.

And yet, what do women want to ask her about? Her silver hair.

In this Flash Workshop for Women At Woodstock 2018, Janet shares her journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance – which, yes, involves her hair – and the power of three concepts she has come to realize hold the key to it all: Awareness, Acceptance and Abundance.

What will you take away from this session? A true understanding of these three cornerstones of a happy life. When you’ve got these, you’ve got power. Over the world? No. Not right away, anyway. But power over your own thoughts, your own life, and your own sense of happiness. Good stuff. Be there.

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