Small Group Retreat in Ojai, CA with Carolyn Braddock

Carolyn BraddockJoin Carolyn Braddock for her upcoming small group retreat in Ojai, CA this summer. The retreat takes place June 26 -29 and combines two of Carolyn’s workshops into one event.

Many of you know Carolyn from Women At Woodstock West where she was a speaker in the Healing Workshop. She presented The Braddock Body Process, teaching us how to access our trauma- or stress-based fears and blocks, and leading us through purposeful stress-releasing movement and breathing.

Her small group retreat will expand on this and delve much deeper into her process, allowing time for individual work and time to practice the learned tools for personal and professional growth.

Read more about the retreat and secure your place here: Ojai Small Group Retreat with Carolyn Braddock


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