Small Biz Saturday – Support Women’s Online Businesses

It’s the day to support small businesses as we start (or continue) our mad dash toward seasonal gift-giving.  Let’s support all those talented women out there who operate online!  Here are three women-owned online businesses whose products are SO COOL – edgy, aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind – everything that defines the perfect gift. Check them out and buy – and please, list your favorite women-owned online businesses in the comment section below, and click the “share” button to encourage all your friends to buy and list their favorites too:

Untold Imprints

untold imprints tea towel

P.S. Phoebe Stout, Untold Imprints, will be at the Brooklyn Waldorf Winter Fair in Brooklyn, NY on Dec. 6.

Glad Rag Bags
GRB Tab Tire Collxn Colette 1


flashionista turquoise bracelet

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