Single? Here’s How to Cut Your Rent or Mortgage In Half

house of money - source godlygentlemanPost kids. Post Marriage. Maybe never married… At any rate, single now and living by yourself… Is this you?

Maybe living alone is not proving as satisfactory as before, especially as you look toward the future. You might be seeing lots of articles about how living alone is actually not good for your health.  You might be starting to feel squeezed financially, when you had thought you’d be feeling secure at this stage in your life.  You may have started wondering if you’re becoming socially isolated. And, looking ahead, you might be starting to wonder how you’re going to live as you get older – because a retirement community is just not in your plans.

Well, as always, you’re not alone.  Lots of women over 50 – and I mean a LOT – are living single (1 in 3), and are mulling over these same questions about where and how they’re going to live. Should they downsize and continue living alone? Should they research retirement communities? Should they stay put and try to continue paying the mortgage or the rent solo?

A rapidly growing number of women are coming up with a plan that’s “None of the above.” They’re deciding to move in with other like-minded women and share their housing. It’s brilliant.

I’m impressed by this new movement among us. Shared housing is yet another expression of our generation’s determination to “do it our way.” It’s also a wonderful example of that “Woodstock within us” that I swear bonds us all together. I am heartened by and applaud this new trend.

A very smart businesswoman, Karen Venable, has launched a website to serve this growing need: Roommates4Boomers. It’s free to join, and free to search the database for compatible women.  You pay a monthly fee only if you’d like to contact an interesting woman you’ve found.  And this website is only for women over 50.

If you’re part of the movement of women seeking roommates, or even if you’re just thinking about the idea and would like to explore it further, check out Roommates4Boomers, fill out a profile, and see what’s out there.  You never know. At the very least, you’re sure to find some new friends in your area.

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