Sherry Amatenstein’s Interview with Steven Spielberg

Sherry AmatensteinThis year is the 20th anniversary of Steven Spieilberg’s Shoah Foundation, the nonprofit organization established to record the stories of Holocaust survivors and witnesses on film. Today, there are 52,000 audio-visual testimonies, in 58 countries and in 34 languages, in the archive. In honor of the anniversary, Sherry Amatenstein, who participated in the project at its inception, interviewed Spieilberg for USA Weekend about the evolution of Shoah and what it has meant to him.

Sherry’s own parents were holocaust survivors themselves. She recorded their testimony for Shoah in 1995 and shares her thoughts on viewing the footage today in this moving essay: Writer connects with her parents, in tales of suffering

* Sherry Amatenstein’s Interview with Steven Spielberg

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