Sheree Clark tricked Me Into Talking About My Laundry…

Sheree Clark tricked me into talking about my laundry – not my dirty laundry, mind you; in fact it was my very clean laundry… but it was an odd moment in our recent phone conversation, which incidentally also happened to be a recorded interview for her upcoming podcast series, It’s YOUR Time: Turning the Midlife Crisis into Your Midlife Awakening. 
Sheree is an energetic, funny, and smart Midlife Courage Coach who’s interviewing an array of experts, and I’m honored to be one of those she picked to feature!

I don’t know how she does it, but she’s one of those interviewers who makes you forget you’re being recorded, and being the kind of person who’s apt to run after the shiny keys jangled in a conversation, I was an easy mark for her. I kind of went off the rails a few times. Like, I found myself talking about the day I was hanging laundry in the meadow at Women At Woodstock last year… how at that moment I became intensely aware of the sunshine, the quiet, the birds, the breeze; how I was truly present and how I was, in that place and at that time, able to drink in the peace and the beauty of it fully. It was a zen moment, you know?

But really, is that how to sell the whole Women At Woodstock experience to the women who are listening??? (And P.S., laundry is not one of our activities at our retreats; it’s simply that a washer is available should you want to use one during your stay, and Lifebridge, being eco-friendly, does not employ a dryer; there’s a clothesline in the meadow out back.)
So, at the risk of making you scratch your head over my odd and sometimes random observations, I invite you to listen to my interview. As a sales pitch for Women At Woodstock, it’s pretty shoddy I guess, but as an informative piece on how Women At Woodstock makes me feel – well, it’s brilliant! I do share why I started Women At Woodstock in the first place, and some informative facts and features of our gatherings.
There’s much more in Sheree’s upcoming series than my zigzagging discussion that included the zen state of hanging laundry, by the way. Through lively conversations with at least a couple dozen experts in all kinds of fields, topics range from hormones to brain health, finances to infidelity, yoga to trusting yourself. And yeah, there’s the line of clean clothes wafting to and fro in the breeze under a beautiful blue sky…
If this sounds interesting to you, join me and the other experts for free, simply by clicking here and registering today. And be sure to tune in on May 15, when my interview will air!
And I hope you’ll join us this October to meet Sheree in person when she attends Women At Woodstock and leads our workshop, “Making a YOU turn!” 

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