She Left Corporate Life to Become a Novelist

She Left Corporate Life to Become a Novelist

And how do you think that worked out for her? Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Well, Helen Matthews made it work. Her debut novel, After Leaving the Village, became a best-seller, and was the winner of the Winchester Writers’ Festival prize for the opening pages of a novel.  She’s now published a second novel, Lies Behind the Ruin. Listen to this podcast, hosted by Fab After Fifty, in which Helen talks about:

  • How she transitioned from full-time employment to writing for a living and the issues she had to address.
  • How she came up with the idea for her first book which involved intensive research into the topic.
  • How characters develop and ‘speak’ to the writer.
  • The topics she brought to life in her novel  – various types of deceit in relationships – including financial deceit and the impact that can have on a relationship.
  • Three tips for transitioning from corporate life to writing – and still being able to pay the bills.

Click here to listen.

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