Selina Maitreya Personal Spiritual Teaching

Selina Maitreya Personal Spiritual Teaching

Selina Maitreya, a Practical Spirituality teacher, is offering Women At Woodstock participants an opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from her and the Master of The Oneness guides that speak during teachings.

If you are experiencing uncertainty in any area of your life, feel stuck, or wish to understand your deeper purpose here on earth, book an appointment with Selina and begin to discover your path to the higher knowing that exists within you.

Selina does not foresee the future, rather her gift is the ability to channel the master guides who meet you where you are now and provide teachings and tools that empower you to respond to any difficulty in your life from the high-frequency energy of Love!  

Working 1-on-1 with Selina, you will learn to use your daily life as your key transformative tool for spiritual growth. This is where things get truly, seriously and effectively personal. This is where Spirituality becomes Practical.

*Selina’s special fee for Women At Woodstock attendees is:$125.00 (savings of $25.00 off her usual fee).

If you’re ready to make a direct and enlightened connection to the source within you, please contact Selina directly at: for more information and to book an appointment.

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