Roommates4Boomers Wins “Top Baby Boomer Blog” Award!

I’m excited – and kind of proud – to announce that Roommates4Boomers was named one of the Top 75 Baby Boomer Blogs on the web by Feedspot!  I say “kind of proud” because Roommates4Boomers is not my website – it was founded and is run by Women At Woodstock community member Karen Venable who came up with the whole idea of matching compatible roommates for women over 50 using a sophisticated algorithm akin to dating sites. But I’ve been a consultant to Karen on her web and social media development since the beginning back in 2014, and I’m a regular contributor to the blog. So, by association, I feel honored by the award they just received.

If you haven’t already checked out the site, click here to visit the Roommates4Boomers blog. There are a lot of great articles (if I do say so myself) on house sharing, living with others, creating ideal home environments, screening potential roommates, staying organized, getting along, legal considerations, and lots more.

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