Anne PerryAnne Perry – Guest Blogger

‘Ripped from the Headlines’ sounds rather visceral, doesn’t it?  But isn’t that what stories should be?  Full of brains, heart and guts!  But where to get the core of the idea to start with?

The ‘news’ is full of them.  All you need is the seed, just the very beginning.  We are writers.  We can build on anything, if we just realise that we can.

I took a terrible present day disaster, and all the political and legal ramifications that followed it, set it back a century and a half, and played with what COULD have happened.  The possibilities were enormous.  And of Course as long as we do not, by implication, blame real people, we are free to do anything we want to with it!  All we need is the beginning.  ‘But what if’ is one of the most useful tools we have.

Look at the the vast political or domestic intrigue, relationship, plots from any time, any country you like, any film or story, and then from that germ of an idea, rebuild it your own way.  You only need a spark.

Come and join us for the multitude of ideas that can come to life.

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