October 4, 2017

Ride Share Board

Below are tables showing information from women offering rides or needing rides to our WAW 2017 Workshop Weekend and WAW 2017 Writers Retreat. Please check back every few days as we will update this page when new information comes in.

Also, if you find a rideshare, PLEASE email Phoebe Stout and let her know, so that she can update the information on this page!! Otherwise, you may be getting phone calls or emails from women seeking a rideshare after you’ve already made your plans with someone!

If this page does not yet have information posted, or if you don’t find a potential ride share that will work for you, please come back in a day or two. We’ll be updating regularly.

Haven’t filled out a ride sharing info sheet yet? That’s OK, just click here and fill it out now! It’ll only take a minute or two.


Rideshare board