Read This Letter From a Woman Who Experienced “In Discussion”

Victoria Zackheim shared this with me – a letter she received after she and Anne Perry performed their event “In Discussion” at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC) a while ago. Victoria and Anne will be bringing “In Discussion” to the opening night at each of our retreats this October.

The letter:

I didn’t take notes, I just let the experience wash over me. The friendly banter between you and Anne was a real treat for the audience, but the workshop evolved into a wonderful, inspiring catharsis of sorts. Like an essay, in which we get to look deep into a writer’s soul, you and Anne spoke with honesty and passion about the importance of being vulnerable, why it was crucial as an artist to take risks and put yourself out there. That passion shone through in the workshop, so much so that people, many of them shy and clearly uncomfortable, felt compelled to stand up and speak about their own journeys. They briefly stepped out of their comfort zones because you made it a safe environment to do so. We, the participants, began to feel a kinship as we realized we were all like-minded souls, not in competition or struggling alone. We had entered the room as strangers, and exited motivated, inspired, comrades embarking on the same journey. A terrific way to end the conference.

It is in the shelter of each other that people live. (Irish proverb)

This is going to be the perfect experience to start our time together.

Register now, and have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate as Anne and Victoria perform “In Discussion” this October. They’ll both be teaching writing workshops as well.

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