raison d’être

Remember Cydya Smith and her amazing story of her self-directed journey with osteoporosis treatment? Turns out Cydya is not only a strong and determined woman, she’s a writer as well. She shared this beautiful poem with me and gave me permission to publish it on the Women At Woodstock blog.

chakras - source cosmicstarseeds dot comraison d’être

by Cydya Smith

You’ve slipped through the portal

from a different place

where there are no illusions

to discern and separate

what is truth

from mankind’s subliminal

intentional manipulated delusions.

Awake Divine Sovereign

to conscious intention…

you did not incarnate

merely to survive.

Seek within and ask

to remember why

you chose this time to be alive.

Act on this


prepare to quantum leap

as life escalates the pace

for you were charged before birth

and therefore honor-bound

to co-create a Stellar Race.

© by cydya smith  2012  – All Rights Reserved

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