Please Help – Be a Woodstock Woman – and Wear It Proud

I've received one too many requests from women who want, who need, who deserve--who could really, really benefit from attending Women At Woodstock, but who simply cannot afford it. I feel so sad when they ask, "Do you have a scholarship fund? Is there any way I could apply for assistance to attend?" and I have to say no.

I don't like it. I hate it, in fact.

Woodstock Woman flowy tank teeSo yesterday I decided to try to do something about it: I created a "Woodstock Woman" design for a flowy tank top and I put the tank tops up for sale on a fundraiser website. You can buy one for $30 and the net proceeds (about $12 a tank) will go into a fund to help some deserving woman (or two, or more?) attend Women At Woodstock next year. Would you like to have a Woodstock Woman tank to wear, and also help a fellow Woodstock-Woman-To-Be attend Women At Woodstock in 2019? Yes? Fantastic!

So what's a Woodstock Woman? Here's how I define it:

Proud of your age... Check.
Consciousness raised... Check.
Value friendships... Check.
Building your future... Check.
Willing to lend a helping hand... Check.

Yep, you're a Woodstock Woman. Wear it proud.

After I posted the fundraiser, I got some requests for new styles; could I also offer a long-sleeve tee? How about a hoodie? Hey, great ideas. I've added a long-sleeve flowy tee and a full-zip hoodie too. Check them all out:

So when you order your Woodstock Woman tank, tee, or hoodie, I thank you. And the women you help thank you. Those women will, because of you, be able to experience community among women; learning together and from each other at our workshops; getting away from day to day life; gaining new friends and support and encouragement; and the peace, beauty, quiet, and cool crisp air of the Hudson Valley in autumn. And most of all, they will know that a community of unnamed sisters cared enough to make it happen.

Thank you.

Click below to order your Woodstock Woman tank, tee, or hoodie - and wear it proud!:

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