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Allison ChestonAllison Cheston – Guest Blogger

In the book Tell to Win, movie producer and entrepreneur Peter Guber shares how telling the right story enables movies to be made, obstacles to be overcome and people to succeed against all odds. While the focus is on Hollywood, the lesson is universal: tell the right story–the one that resonates with your audience–and you will win the opportunity.

What story should you tell? The story that shows why you are the person to solve your audience’s problem. It could be your quantitative skills, your appetite for hard work, or your ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. Maybe you became a math whiz as an immigrant whose poor English skills pushed you to focus your energies on math. Maybe an illness or a problem in your family was the impetus for your philanthropic work. You may have had a parent who was a stickler for proper grammar and now you can’t stand to see poor writing on the page. There are as many stories as there are people.

Whether you are creating or running a small business, are an independent consultant or need others to get onboard with your personal cause, you are always selling. There is a core reason why you chose to do this work and it is critical to let the world know what that is so they can believe in you. You are your story. Sell that story and your connection to a product or service or idea, and you will get your audience to buy into its intangible benefits, not just its features. You will get them to buy YOU.

Should your sell be personal? Absolutely. Get people involved and rooting for your success. Craft your story—your authentic pitch—and you will attract the right resources and the right support at the right time.

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