Patty Chang Anker Shares Her “9 Lessons Learned” from WAW2015

I personally came away with many good things from Women At Woodstock 2015: aha! moments from the workshops, renewed and deepened friendships with the women I’ve known now for 4 years, and new friendships formed with the “newbies” at this year’s gathering.
But I got goosebumps when I read Patty Chang Anker’s account of what she came away with!  Patty was our keynote speaker this year and also led a groundbreaking workshop on Facing Your Fears. In a recent post on her popular blog, “Facing Forty Upside Down,” she captured so beautifully the essence of the women, the knowledge, the sharing, the support, and the self-discovery that make up a Women At Woodstock gathering. Her “9 Valuable Lessons” recounting what she experienced at Women At Woodstock 2015 made me believe that what I’ve created out of my own “out of the box” (and insanely improbable) idea is exactly what I envisioned it to be.
I have to point out one other thing: Patty mentioned two coincidences that happened to her at Women At Woodstock – our event being on the creek where she almost drowned years ago (a memory that formed the impetus for her book Some Nerve), and winning the perfect door prize – a chic clutch made out of repurposed innertubes. These coincidences were strange and symbolic – and I’m telling you, they happen every year, year after year at Women At Woodstock. I have no idea why, but it’s true; some magical “thing” happens when we come together.
What a beautiful tribute to Women At Woodstock from a beautiful writer and role model for self-change and reaching one’s true potential.  Click here to read Patty’s full post.
Patty Chang Anker at Veronica James' workshop at WAW2015
Patty Chang Anker at Veronica James’ workshop, with Bobbi Palmer (left) and Anne Flournoy (right) – photo by Lisa Levart, Lush Photography.

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