Ogden Kruger

Ogden KrugerOgden Kruger has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1983 and teaching it for the past ten years. We’re very pleased that she will be leading our end-of-day yoga sessions at Women At Woodstock this year! Each session will involve a practice of Morning Sadhana, very simple exercises to energize the spine, wake the body up and invigorate the glandular systems of the body. Ogden will begin with the traditional tuning in of the Adi Mantra, and conclude with a chanting meditation for the Shakti Power of Women.

P.S. If the idea of chanting freaks you out, just come anyway, and choose to listen, in your own peaceful silence, to the other women chant. That’s totally OK. Hey, that’s how I used to play the clarinet sometimes during band practice in the 8th grade….

To learn more about Ogden, click here to visit her website.



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