New Kudos for Ginnah Howard’s Works

Here’s some impressive news about one of our Women At Woodstock presenters; author Ginnah Howard, who will be leading our Writers Colony (Track I) at the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat this coming fall:

George Hovis, the author of The Skin Artist (Southern Fried Chicken, 2019) just posted the following review of Ginnah’s novel Rope & Bone, on Goodreads. There’s nothing better than having a respected author sing praises to your work, is there? 

Here’s George’s review:

Rope & Bone: A Novel in Stories
by Ginnah Howard (Goodreads Author)

This remarkable novel of stories recounts the friendship of two strong women, Del and Carla, as they choose mates, lose mates, and navigate the challenges of single motherhood. Ginnah Howard has that rare gift of illuminating life moment by moment, showing us how, often, fate can turn upon a choice as simple as choosing to feed a lover’s dogs rather than giving a daughter the attention she needs. As with Alice Munro’s, Howard’s stories somehow create a sense that the stakes are always enormously high without ever seeming to depend upon plot. Yet, plot is there in every breath these characters take, from planning a Tupperware party to attending an AA meeting. Ginnah Howard’s characters live on every page!

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