It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

George Eliot - source nuneatonlivesGeorge Eliot said that. We’ve come a long way since the days when a woman of such immense creative powers would have to pose in print as a man in order to be afforded opportunity and respect.  And yet, vestiges of our history as a sex still keep many of us from being who we might have been. Many of us have spent a lifetime feeling that we don’t have the right to express our true selves.

Well, all it takes to change that, is to change it. You’re in charge now, and it’s your turn. It’s been your turn for 50+ years and it’s still your turn.  Take it. Take it. Take it.

Earlier this year Huffington Post featured 15 women who’ve vowed to take their turn at their own greatness, right smack dab in the midst of being over 50. One of them gave Eliot’s quote as her reason and her strength for doing what she’d always wanted to do, now.  Here are the 15:

  1. Linda Anderson, 71, who flew to Madrid, Spain to begin a spiritual pilgrimage on The Camino de Santiago.
  2. Anne Seidel, 58, who’s vowed to fall in love with the man of her dreams.
  3. Dorrie Jacobson, 80, a former Playboy bunny, who’s launched a fashion blog.
  4. Vivi Griffin, 54, who’s completed culinary school and is launching a catering company.
  5. Janet Rose, 60, long-time horsewoman, who’s launching the first all-equine film festival.
  6. Jennifer C. Miller, 54, who’s selling it all, moving, and reinventing her life.
  7. Mary Skinner, 50, who’s entering the practice of law and whose wife is having their first baby.
  8. Linda Randle, 55, who’s made the decision to end a lifelong battle with weight by having weight loss surgery.
  9. Cheryl McDonald, 51, a single mom who’s moving with her 12-year-old sons to take a global job in China.
  10. Meris Emory, 65, just diagnosed with Parkinson’s who’s taken on that challenge with yoga, ping pong, and a supremely positive attitude.
  11. Tammy A. Miller, 55, who’s left a “regular” job at a university to become an auctioneer – a field where there are 10 men for every 1 woman.
  12. Mary Shakun, 70, who lost her daughter to suicide 7 years ago, and is now launching an app for young people with suicidal thoughts.
  13. Veronica Slater, 52, a flight attendant for 22 years who’s now decided to become an actress. She was a background actor in “Selma!”
  14. Susan Lyons, 62, who’s started training to become a yoga instructor.
  15. Mary Cate O’Malley, 58, who’s going to sell her stuff, learn to sail solo, and move into a sailboat and sail the world.
  16. Oh yeah. Here’s number 16, waiting to be filled.  What have you always wanted to do or be? Take this spot. Take your turn at what you might have been.



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