I never signed up for this: Darryle Pollack at TEDx

http://blog.darrylepollack.com/I had the pleasure of finally meeting Darryle in person last Saturday, after having talked with her online and by phone on and off for the last year!  As with so many women I’ve connected with through my work with Women At Woodstock, meeting Darryle for the first time was like meeting an old friend whom I already knew. Darryle, Elisa Bonora, Deborah Rothman, and I met for lunch at Loew’s Beach Hotel in Santa Monica – four women who didn’t know each other but who had connected through last month’s Women’s Evening Salon for Women At Woodstock. We sat out on the open-air terrace overlooking the beach and the Santa Monica Pier and had the most amazing, varied, lively, thoughtful, creative, hilarious, and heartwarming conversation – which lasted for 3 and a half hours – longer than “My Dinner With Andre” (and far more interesting, in my opinion)! 

Darryle recently gave a talk on surviving breast cancer at TEDxNapaValley 2014 “Going Against The Grain, embracing the unconventional” event. It was incredibly brave and honest – a must-see for all women. Watch her inspiring talk via the link below:

I never signed up for this: Darryle Pollack at TEDxNapaValley

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