Myers Briggs – Honoring Ourselves and Our Differences

Do opposites really attract?  Sometimes.  But often those initially intriguing opposing traits present challenges to us and the people with whom we work, play, and love. Learn how the Myers Briggs assessment can contribute to a better understanding of ourselves and others.  Participants will take the assessment and learn how to apply this understanding to enhance their everyday lives—whether it’s in their communication style, their approach to decision making and conflict, or in how they perceive and interact with others and the world. In addition, a brief introduction of Emotional Intelligence will be included.

Be prepared to learn and have fun at this very interactive session. There will be opportunities to ask questions, to participate in discussions and activities, and to learn from the other participants.

Honoring Ourselves and Our Differences will be taught by Andrea Peck, and will be the first workshop of the first morning of Women At Woodstock 2017. We figured that understanding yourself is pretty much ground zero for everything else that will follow during our weekend together, right?

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