My Stupid Computer

drawing of angry person at computerAnger and shame… does that describe what’s roiling inside you as you gnash your teeth in front of your computer, once, twice, six times a month (or maybe six times a day)? Are there questions, glitches, hurdles, mysteries, “can’t for the life of me figure it out” frustrations that plague you in Word, Excel, online programs, photo editing, screen captures, password management and other $#*(@ on your computer? Do they drive you crazy, but you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone how to understand/do/fix this stuff? 

Here’s your secret place to shout it out – and get an answer, an explanation – a “how to friggin’ do it!” All in a shame-free environment. I promise. It’s the “My Stupid Computer” Workshop, just for we women over 50!

Think of me as the Ann Landers of computer questions. But don’t let me oversell myself here – I sure as hell don’t know everything – but thanks to my years as a web designer and my super nerdy, techy, machine-loving nature, I do know a lot about computers and software including some mean tricks and shortcuts that can make your life easier. (I really do love machines; anything with buttons to push, switches to flip, or dials to spin. I drive my husband crazy every time we rent a car because for the first half hour I’m compelled to push every button, twist every knob, and tap every screen until I’ve done it all. Why? I just, well, have to. Plus, it’s amusing to watch the love of my life twitch and fume while I make the windshield wipers swipe up unexpectedly or I blast us with icy air or hazard lights start flashing…)

So, wanna bring your Stupid Computer frustrations my way? Submit your problem or question below, and if I know the answer, I’ll add it to the list for our workshop! 

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