Life After the Love of Your Life Retires & (Oh God!) You’re Spending All of Your Time Together

Spending all day with the person you love, doing what you’ve both talked and dreamed about for years, sharing meals without the noise and confusion of a family all around, laying your head down next to that person each night knowing you’ll wake up together and live the dream all over again sounds so… WHAT??? The “what ifs” are endless.  

In this workshop, we will be talking about the physical and emotional components of retirement as you share this next act with the one you love. Retirement is not just a noun, a withdrawal from ones working life.  It is also a verb, an action that you take toward the next stage of life; an adjective that describes a state of doing less after you leave said working life.

We will discuss our wellbeing, how and where to look for the same types of satisfaction you received when working such as a sense of purpose, teamwork, and camaraderie. How to move on after you finish something that has taken years to complete and how to avoid pitfalls if, in fact, you’re NOT thrilled with the idea of spending all day every day with the same person.

Retirement can be anything you want it to be with some planning, some insight, a lot of faith, and a huge dose of humor! 

Veteran Women At Woodstock alum Janet Riccobono has been there, is there, and is navigating her new life with her recently retired husband pretty admirably. She’s quite happy – they’re both quite happy – in their new life, together all the time. But that’s not to say that she didn’t have her own anxieties and trepidations ahead of time. We’re so happy that Janet has agreed to lead our workshop, “Life After the Love of Your Life Retires.” In it she’ll share with you just what those worries were – maybe still are – and how she’s navigated them so far. She hopes her experiences might give you some guidance and insights as you face your future, post-retirement, together at last with your loved one day and night, and day, and night…