Here’s What My Husband Is Up To – Reinventing the Surfboard

Brad Baker with custom wooden surfboardIt’s not just Boomer women who are reinventing their lives, it’s men too, of course – and I’m happy to say that my husband Brad is one of them.  Just this last year he decided to meld his two passions – surfing and woodworking, and he started designing and building custom wooden surfboards.  They’re really “surfable art” because they’re as much a piece of art to hang on your wall as they are a board to take out on the water. Yes I’m bragging, but these surfboards really are beautiful. The one he’s working on right now is destined for the living room wall of an apartment in Brooklyn!  Take a look at his website, Baker Adair Surfable Art – and if you’re feeling generous, please visit their Facebook page too and give it a Like. Thank you so much!

Send Me Your Reinvention News!

Have you recently started a new business, venture, or challenge in your life? Please send me an email, and I’ll share your news with the Women At Woodstock community right here on this blog. Missi Strub, I’m calling your name! I just read on Facebook that you’re training for Ragbrai, a river-to-river bike ride this summer that spans the entire width of Iowa. You go, girl!

Baker-Adair 7-foot funboard

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