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Why You Need A Mobile Website & How to Get One

WebTraffic-123 mobile websiteNetMarketing-123 mobi websitePR-123 mobile websiteBooyah!  I just created three mobile websites – one for each of my business and service sites: NetMarketing-123, PR-123, and WebTraffic-123. I feel a huge sense of relief, to be honest, and I’m really excited too, because I want to share with you just how important it is to have a mobile website, and also how easy it actually is to get one up and running.  

Why You Need A Mobile Website

It won’t be that long before it’s more important to have a mobile website than a “regular” site.  I’m not kidding, that time is coming. Let that sink in. Did you know there are four (4) internet-ready mobile devices for every one (1) computer now?  And 58% of those in the US have smart phones of some sort?  And, increasingly, people are using their mobile devices to access the internet for search, purchase, and information?   If that’s true, shouldn’t you be absolutely scrambling to get a mobile website up for your business?  MOST definitely.

What Is A Mobile Website?

Answer: It’s a website designed specifically to display clearly and attractively in the space available on a smart phone or other internet-ready mobile device.  The images above are screenshots of the three that I just created.  See how they have many of the essential elements of the big websites, but presented in an easily readable, narrow format with colorful easy-to-recognize icons to click for various bits of info?  Those icons, too, are programmed to call my office, share the site with a friend via email, Facebook, and Twitter, sign up for my email list, schedule a consultation, and so much more.  So very cool!

You Can Order A Mobile Website Right Here!

Here’s the other news: I believe so strongly in the importance of mobile websites that I’ve researched the best programs to create and host them, and I found such a great system that I integrated it with my own service offerings: a very user friendly and very inexpensive mobile website creation and hosting service.

Click here to order.

Our Mobile Website Creation Interface Is Super Easy

How user friendly is the design and setup interface?  Wow, so easy.  Once you sign up, I set up an account for you and send you your login information and a few pointers on how to navigate through the process.  You’ll get that within a day.  Then you log in, follow  instructions, and create your site.  It’ll take you about 20 minutes.  You just need to do one other step, which is to change a few settings on your domain name and website to point mobile device users to your mobile site, and voila!  It’s up and running.  And in case you worry that the last step will be impossible, I assure you, it is not.  I’ll send you crystal clear instructions. (And by the way, I hate instructions that assume you know the first 5 steps! Mine really will walk you through the process.) And hey, if you still need help, I’m a real human being here, available to help you with just a phone call.

The Price?  $4.99 a Month.  That’s It.  And the First Month’s Free

Yes, when you set up a site it’s actually free for the first month, and then $4.99 a month after that.  And you have the option to cancel at any time.  This is one of the most important actions you’ll take this year to keep in the game and grab your share of web traffic where it’s flowing – and one of the easiest.  This is a deal you absolutely cannot pass up.

Click here to order your own mobile website.

Want to See How The Design Interface Works?

Still have questions?  OK, no problem.  I invite you to take 15 minutes and watch this Flash Webinar to see for yourself just how this new system works: Mobile Websites.  Why You Need One.  How to Get One.  Click the image below to start the webinar.
webinar image


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