April 14, 2019

Ann Voorhees Baker’s Midlife Awakening Gift

Ann Baker on Sheree Clark podcastThanks for listening in during my interview with the wonderful Sheree Clark! Now that you know about Women At Woodstock, I hope you can’t wait to join us this fall and experience the life-altering magic of time away in the woods with like-minded, smart, positive women enjoying workshops, conversation, friendship, and fabulous food and wine in the beautiful Catskills!

Here’s my private gift to you – $100 off your registration! Just head over to the Women At Woostock Registration Page and use the code


– you’ll get an instant $100 discount!

P.S. If you sign up for both the Workshop Retreat (Oct. 17-21) AND the Writers Retreat (Oct 21-25), you’ll get another automatic discount of $300 off the Writers Retreat. Your $100 discount code will still apply – so that’s $400 off your registration overall!

Check out our past gatherings below – and join us this year!

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