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But take a look at our new-program announcement too: The Metamorph Project

Women at Woodstock is about friendship, fresh air, learning new things, clearing your mind, and having fun. It’s also about opening up your mind to a new way of looking at your life; of considering possibilities you had decided were not possible for you, and asking, “Why not?”

This is the stuff of a new program we’re launching at the end of this year called The Metamorph Project. It’s a mind-opening, mind-changing program built upon the discoveries and wisdom unearthed in our decade of hosting Women At Woodstock gatherings, distilled into a series of inspirational and thought-provoking emails you will receive–two or three a week–for an entire year. Think of it as a personal program that will continue what the Women At Woodstock live retreat started and keep the experience going after you’ve returned home. Or as your own personal Women At Woodstock 12-month guided exercise in opening your mind to life’s possibilities. If you’d like to learn more about The Metamorph Project, and receive notice when we launch the program, please enter your email below. You’ll receive a free ebook (a manifesto about changing your way of thinking), and you’ll get notice when we launch.

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