Memoir Writing

Do you have a story to tell?  Do you have a need to preserve a family legacy, break your silence, explore an ancestor’s past? Do you have a desire to find the next step on your path, show the world that you are more than a worker, sibling, friend, parent or partner?  Do you have a desire to get your side of things on the record, to leave a piece of yourself behind?  If so, then the Women At Woodstock Memoir Writing Workshop is for you.

Writing memoir can help you to identify the threads and themes in your life and make sense of the life you have lived.  Writing memoir can be healing and transformative. Because this workshop is so special and so personal to everyone who attends – and because it has been requested so often, we are devoting the full morning on Saturday, our second day together, to our Memoir Writing Workshop. This will give us time to set our intentions, create a safe space, learn our best methods of memoir writing, put words to page, and share some pieces of our lives with one another.

Our Writers Retreat Story Cottage leader and Amherst Writers and Artists Facilitator Colleen Geraghty will lead us in an introduction to memoir writing. This workshop provides a safe environment for writers of all levels to discover their unique voices and begin to tell the story of their lives – for themselves, for their loved ones, for their legacy.


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