Mastermind Session

worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof

For the final session of our Over-50 Retreat, we’ll go deep into our Mastermind Sessions – the heart and soul of the Women At Woodstock experience.

During these sessions, each of us will have her turn to share her problem, dream, challenge, or goal, and receive the collective intelligence, compassion, and creativity of the group who will help shape a new view and a strategy to tackle the issue or idea, whatever it is.

You don’t have to bring a deep and earth-shattering issue to the Mastermind Session. It can be anything; a desire to heal a relationship with a family member. A wish to start writing articles and get them published. A need to understand how your website works so that you can manage it better. A determination, as yet unrealized, to get healthier and more fit. A new health challenge that’s gobsmacked you. A desire to get over your deathly fear of speaking in front of a group of people.

Throw your idea, dream, need, or interest out there. Anything on your mind is good for your time in the center of the group. We will listen. We will do our best to assess what you’re wishing for, what you need, how we can help. And we’ll offer our expertise, if it applies, and our ideas and our encouragement.

It sounds so simple. And it really is. But it’s powerful; the devoted attention of a small clutch of smart and compassionate women who offer their collective knowledge and unfettered creativity. When you experience it, you will understand why it is this last day of Women At Woodstock that is at the heart of what we do at our gatherings. On this day, you are invited to come out of your shell and emerge into a very safe space; to soak in the feeling that others care about you and believe in what you can do. To face the possibility of feeling the same about yourself.

Like I said, heart and soul. And powerful stuff.

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