Mary Harvey Warren

At 60, Mary Harvey Warren became something she wasn’t at age 59; she became a runner. It was more than just starting to run as a way to get some exercise. It was an act of becoming something different. It changed her life.

Says Mary, “I started running at age 60 to do something I’d never done before and to celebrate my retirement at age 62. So, I ran a marathon. It changed my life. I was hooked and have run ever since!”

She says it’s not her educational background (MSN in Psychiatric Nursing) or her professional experience (36 years in psych and chemical dependency nursing) that qualify her to share her love of running and teach the method that she uses to run safely and injury-free. Rather it’s her experience of 12 years of running using the Jeff Galloway run/walk/run method. She’s earned many medals in the process. These include a marathon, some half marathons, 15K’s, 10K’s, 5K’s and various short sprint races on the local, state and national level.

Mary says that running has become a way for her to stay healthy, make friends with runners in her local running group, and feel the deep satisfaction and physical pleasure of running. “You never have to enter a race; running can be just for individual enjoyment,” she says. “Give it a try and see for yourself.”

We’re very pleased that Mary will be leading a workshop at Women At Woodstock this year: “Become A Runner After 50, or 60, or…”


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