Making a YOU Turn

Sheree Clark calls her coaching practice for women Fork in the Road, which she founded after finding herself at that proverbial Y intersection in 2009. After trying on many different titles, she settled on Midlife Courage Coach, because she helps women in midlife to connect into the courage it takes to make the changes in the second half of life. 

Sheree will lead a discussion about how to listen to what it is that your heart wants, how to make room for your heart’s desire to become reality and then, how to take that next step forward.

Sheree is giving away a free gift to all who come to her session. She calls it What the Fork Are You Waiting For? Three Secrets for a Happier, Healthier Life. This video mini-course is her own, real-life strategy for helping to ensure success, including how Sheree sets goals, how she sets herself up to make good nutritional choices, and where she turns for help when she needs it. She’ll share the link to the course at the workshop!

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