PR Tips

Make your subject line attention-grabbing

Here’s a PR Tip that we’re going to totally contradict next week. There, you’ve been warned! This week’s Tip is this: Have a little fun in your subject line, and you can catch a reporter’s attention and get some press. That may seem obvious, but the secret is to make your funny or clever line about the potential story that can be written, not specifically and directly about you or your product.

So, rather than saying “Author X releases new book on relaxation techniques,” you might say something like “Why does the word ‘relax’ make us tense?” Or, instead of saying, “Ten tips for organizing your workspace,” you might make the subject line “What dirty secrets are lurking in your desk?”

You get the picture.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that reporters sometimes circulate examples of “worst pitches.” They also occasionally send around examples of the best, too. Here are some “best PR pitch subject lines” recently circulated by an editor:

“The Man Who Will End iPod Whiplash” – for a pitch about an engineer who created a technique for searching for music online

“Wearing Prada Can Be the Devil for Your Spine” – for a pitch about a medical practice that provides spinal therapy

“Mtg 8/2 Flip Flops to Heels” – about a corporate trainer who teaches recent graduates how to transition from sweats and flip flops to suits and heels.

Next week: we’ll be back to tell you the opposite truth about subject lines!

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