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Luanne Mullin

Luanne MullinLuanne Mullin is the Co-Chairman and National Liaison for The Transition Network (TTN) in the San Francisco Bay Area where she has presented workshops, “What’s Next,” “Exploring Transitions,” and “Finding Our Passions Over 50.”  TTN is a national organization for women over fifty, a leader in the positive aging movement that is defining new opportunities for people 50 and beyond.

Luanne has a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard, with an emphasis on adult development. She has a keen interest in how individuals develop, collaborate and survive in their work life, home life and social communities, in particular how we age.  In addition, Luanne received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology to further her understanding of human interaction and the value of relationships.

Her numerous careers include 20 years as a university administrator, a counseling professional, a certified mediator, and the founder of a theatre company. Luanne Mullin has been a Commissioner on the Marin County Commission on Aging and is currently serving on the Steering Committee of the Mill Valley Village.

Luanne is a panelist on the Friendships & Intimacy Workshop at Women At Woodstock West.

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