Linnea Duvall

Linnea Duvall

Linnea Duvall

Linnea Duvall has always been involved with working with women around the issue of self esteem and self image, and most important, self love.

She began her career in 1976, as the youngest editor at Vogue Magazine at the time.  She was 21.  She then made what some considered an unthinkable transition from Vogue Magazine to Glamour Magazine in 1979, with absolutely no regrets.  She chose to make that transition to become a national merchandising editor, helping to develop and deliver self image seminars, working one-on-one with women in workshops around the country.

Linnea has conducted personal care and development workshops since she was in her twenties, utilizing every venue from Glamour Magazine to personal consultations,  to working with women who have been incarcerated, or are seeking refuge in a shelter before beginning a new life, to now teaching Continuing Education Courses at Cal Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, and conducting parenting classes, where yet again, a woman caring for herself first makes for a happier and healthier family.

She is palpably aware that while many things change about image and care from our twenties to our fifties and on, there are some key issues that remain constant, and in her course, Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First, she discusses those constants, and shows how to first recognize what those constants are, and second, manage them in such a positive manner that everyone wins;  the woman who puts her own oxygen mask on first, and all those around her in her life.

Linnea also has a commitment to make all of this as fun and simple as possible, and firmly believes we would best serve ourselves and our world by being sure to indulge ourselves in some fun and “oxygen” every day.

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