I Got Left In the Dust of Yet Another Heated Internet Exchange

deserted roadSuch is the state of things with accumulated email and rapid-fire social media postings that I find myself regularly stumbling across stuff I’ve missed by a mile, and I’m frustrated to find myself standing in the dust – not even dust, actually – it’s really the settled and silent ground – of a heated exchange about an important issue that passed by long ago.

Wait! I want to call out, I have something to say too! But it’s too late.

Or is it? Not realizing that an earlier and forgotten filter placed on my emails had brought me deep down into my accumulation of 8,841 messages (yes, shame on me), I just came across this great comment by Cathy Chester, to a Huffington Post article by Lisa Belkin, which was an eloquent rebuttal to Katherine Rosman’s piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled the “Mommy Business Trip,” which article posited, essentially, that the reason “mommies” go on business trips is to have a guilt-free reason to get away from the hubby and kids. Yow! Cathy Chester’s comment was deliciously stinging, I thought, and I fired up a passionate reply in support.


I left a Twitter message for the silly author of this ridiculous piece early this morning. Surprise, surprise I haven’t heard back from her. I was outraged when I read it. I cannot add anything more or better than what you said, Lisa, other than shame on her.

Ann’s reply:

Right on, sister! The best back story? Women of all ages are gathering for VERY serious purposes according to ALL KINDS of topics and agendas. We are revolutionizing life right under the noses of corporate and political mega-entities, and we do so freely and creatively in part because most of those mega-entities simply do not see us for what we are and therefore they neither interfere nor try to take over. Note that I said what we ARE, not what we COULD be. Women At Woodstock – my retreats for Boomer women, are a great example of a revolution fomenting quietly. We bring together an amazing group of intellectual, progressive, accomplished, liberal, active, and connected women. Our purpose: To “declare our new major in life” when we – women over 50 – are undergoing great transitions and experiencing new freedom and power. And, by the way, as a group we over-fifty women have accumulated not only a helluva lot of wisdom, but the biggest buying power -by far – of any other demographic. HellOoo?!?!

Great! I clicked on the reply link in my email notice in order to post this (what I thought was a) great cheer for Cathy, and indeed for all women… when I then discovered that the original HuffPo posting was dated April 25, and Cathy’s comment was dated the next day, the 26th. This being August 26, I hesitated. How silly is a 4-month-delayed response? Then I thought, well, that’s the beauty of the internet too. Stuff lives on forever. My comment may be voiced into an empty landscape after the original party long since left, but I’ll bet a few travelers will happen by here and there – and there my words will be, ready to speak to them. Yes. Worthwhile.

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