Just Launched – Roommates4Boomers – For Women 50 and Up

Ladies Outdoor BreakfastI’m very excited to share an important announcement from one of our Women At Woodstock 2013 sponsors – Roommates4Boomers. This unique roommate-matching service just for women 50 and over has launched! The easy-to-use website uses proprietary software to match women not only by location, but by interests, tastes, lifestyles, education, personal preferences and a host of other factors – much like eHarmony does for dating. So – if you’re thinking about opening up your home to roommates or moving out of your space and into a shared housing arrangement, check out Roommates4Boomers. You can set up a profile right now for free, and start your search in a safe place just for women like you. There’s no fee until you find a great match and want to make contact with her. According to AARP, 8,000 boomers turn 65 every day, and a recent segment on PBS points out that one in three boomer women are single, many of whom are building a future together in a modern-day version of The Golden Girls. A recent Forbes article noted that one in six boomer women have no children, and for them in particular, sharing a home with other boomer roommates is proving an option of choice to help insure independence, mutual support, and companionship as they grow older. It’s no surprise that as we’ve always done, we Boomers are defining our own life choices in our own way. “Intentional community” – living with others whom you’ve carefully chosen – is a growing movement among us! Founder Karen Venable, a Boomer herself, came up with the idea for Roommates4Boomers after she saw several of her friends going solo after many years of marriage. Their discussions frequently revolved around the wish that they could share their homes with compatible partners to banish loneliness, ease financial strain, share household chores, and generate some fun and emotional support. Says Karen, “I went online to find a service that helps women over 50 find roommates, and found to my dismay that there were plenty of sites for finding roommates in their 20’s and 30’s, but nothing for Boomer women.” She was inspired to create Roommates4Boomers – where women 50 and over can privately and safely search for the right person they would enjoy living with from among a large number of candidates – both in their own neighborhoods and anywhere in the USA if they have a desire to move to a new location. Roommates4Boomers is free to join and free to search. There’s a modest fee of $29.99 a month only when you find a match and want to start making contact with potential roommates. Click here to set up your free profile today. Karen asked me to let everyone in the Women At Woodstock community know that this is a brand new site and a brand new service, so when you join, you may or may not find a match right away. That’s OK – the service is free forever, until a match comes up. And the more women who join, the more matches will be possible. So I’m asking you to please help spread the word so Karen gets lots of members. Just leave a quick comment below and click to share to your Facebook page. Thank you so much – and happy roommate-finding!

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