Jill Dodd , Women At Woodstock Alum, Just Published – “The Currency Of Love”

A third Women At Woodstock alum is now a published writer!  Jill Dodd, author, The Currency Of Love, will see her book released on June 6 by Atria/Enliven Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

One week from today. Wow.

The New York Post just published an interview of Jill, “I Was A Saudi Arms Dealer’s ‘Pleasure Wife’,” in anticipation of her book’s release. Read it. Your jaw will drop.

I’ve kept in touch with Jill since she attended the inaugural Women At Woodstock in 2012 and told me she had a dream and a plan – to write a memoir of her quite unbelievable – yet quite true – life. I remember her open, friendly, smiling face – her weird penchant for sitting on the floor in the corner during workshops, legs and papers spread out before her, and her apparently long-standing friendship with all the women in the group. I thought she knew everyone from way back; turns out she actually didn’t know a soul when she arrived. She’s just one of those people; approachable, warm, beautiful, and self-effacing. Hard to resist.

Jill Dodd at Women At Woodstock 2012

I remember thinking, back then, “Will I see Jill’s book one day, pick it up and hold it in my hand and have that goosebump-y experience – that I remember when moment?”

There are lots of shared I remember when’s around Jill Dodd:

Linda Lowen Remembers When

Linda Lowen, also in attendance at that first gathering (and one of our two writing coaches at this year’s Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat), remembers Jill too and her dream of writing her book. Linda wrote me a few weeks ago to point out Jill’s strong Kirkus Review (another Wow!), and she said she remembers Jill sharing her amazing life story as a high-fashion model, saying “I’m trying to write a book about it,” and Linda’s response: “You must! Don’t let rejections stop you!”  They too have kept in touch ever since that day.

I Remember When

I remember contacting Jill every once in a while since 2012, to ask her, “How’s the book going?” I remember when she told me last year that she’d finally finished writing her memoir.  I remember her telling me she finally got an agent.  I remember her announcing that she was flying to New York to meet with a respected publisher – a dream-come-true, pinch-me moment. And late last year I remember Jill honoring me by sending an advance copy of her book and asking for a review.

I devoured the book and I was thrilled for her – not only for achieving her dream, but for giving me, and the world, the opportunity to know her, know her story, learn from her. That is the real reward of writing. She won that reward when she wrote, under the impetus of her own belief in herself, until she was finished, before her work received the imprimatur of Simon & Schuster. Bravo.

Jill Dodd Remembers When

Jill remembers when too, and wrote me this letter:

My time at Women at Woodstock was transformative. I was in the middle of trying to write my memoir and dealing with so many rejections from literary agents. I really needed a community of women that knew more about this than I did, which was basically nothing. What I found at WAW was a group of energetic, intelligent, personal growth-driven women. I found a support system for my work and through their friendships have learned to navigate the publishing world.

My world expanded over the years as I networked with the women I met – life long friends and experts all in the same trip. At WAW I did soul-searching workshops that showed me I could be brutally honest with other women and in my writing. This transparency comes through in my memoir launching in June – The Currency of Love.

At Woodstock there was an ambiance of reinvention. Many of us were trying to figure out what the rest of our lives could become. What is my next chapter? It was great listening to everyone’s plans to cut new paths.

I loved walking around Woodstock, thinking about Bob Dylan and the legendary Woodstock Concert. The town is so charming, the Hudson Valley so beautiful, and the aura around the whole place gave a positive charge to my personal dreams. I plan on returning this fall and can’t wait to meet new friends and have the Woodstock experience once again.

~ Jill

And I can’t wait to see Jill in Woodstock again.

Here are the editorial reviews from the back cover of The Currency Of Love (Mine is one of them!), and a note about Jill Dodd, author, the woman I know because of Women At Woodstock, the woman who shared her dream with all of us, worked hard while we cheered from the sidelines, and has now realized what she envisioned. Goose bumps.

Editorial Reviews

“Dodd writes earnestly and refreshingly about learning many of life’s more difficult lessons the hard way…A breezy, impressively detailed glimpse into a beautiful young woman’s self-discovery via the world of international fashion.” (Kirkus)

The Currency of Love is a page-turning tale of female empowerment. With the current state of the world, the messages in this inspiring memoir are exactly what women need right now.” (Christine Bronstein, founder of A Band of Women)

Jill Dodd tells a tale of love and redemption involving a man of inconceivable riches and power against the backdrop of Paris and the world of high fashion. Told with the wisdom that gives Dodd’s story heart and soul, this book will inspire women of all ages to choose the right path for themselves, whatever their aspirations. (Ann Voorhees Baker, founder of Women At Woodstock)

Exotic as the tale of Dodd’s wild and wondrous life may seem, it touches on themes relevant to any young woman yearning to follow her dreams of financial independence and spiritual freedom. Neither fully a cautionary tale nor a glamorous romance (but a bit of both!), Dodd explores both the pitfalls and rewards of a life boldly lived. (Jillian Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem)

This incredibly audacious, inspiring, and lively memoir paints a fascinating picture of the modeling and design scenes in Paris and Hollywood. Readers will be captivated by Jill’s fierce ability to tell her truth. The Currency of Love is a celebration of womanhood! (Shea O Hill, curriculum developer, The Relationship Foundation)

About the Author

Jill Dodd is a writer, artist, and designer from Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with honors and spent twenty-five years in the international fashion business. She gained recognition as the founder and original designer for the global women’s brand ROXY. She also designed swimwear for fifteen years for brands including Jag, On the Beach, and Sunsets. Prior to that, Jill modeled with Wilhelmina for ten years appearing in Paris Vogue, French Cosmopolitan, American Glamour, Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Teen, Women’s Wear Daily, and many other publications. She now lives in Northern California with her three ever-loving and entertaining children, her husband, and her dogs.

To register for this year’s Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat, click here.

And check out Jill in this video from WAW2012: she’s at the center of the singing trio 12 seconds in:

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