Janet Riccobono


Janet retired from Verizon after 31 years as a, trainer, coach, and sales person on the same day as her life partner, Rob.  She then went on to become a Certified Life Coach and opened her business, New Life at Mid Life where she developed her wellness program called ALIVE & Well.
ALIVE = A Life of Involvement, Vitality, and Enthusiasm.  After moving from New York to Florida and leaving her practice, she continues to promote her program and is also currently training to be a hospitality educator.

Janet is also a long-time alum of Women At Woodstock, and likely to be voted Most Bubbly, should we ever have such a competition!

Janet is one of those people who has a naturally positive outlook on life, and she and her husband Rob are very much in love, but even she had trepidations about Rob’s impending retirement last year. Well, retire he did, and the two of them have been navigating the shift in their daily plans, their together time, and their relationship dynamics ever since. The topic of anxiety and trepidation over a partners’ upcoming retirement has sprung up in conversations many times over the past years at Women At Woodstock, and many women have been requesting a workshop on the topic of how to adjust to your partner being home all the time. It’s not about loving or not loving your partner, it’s about spending life together 24-7 all of a sudden! We’re so glad that Janet has agreed to lead such a workshop; she’ll be sharing her experiences and her wisdom in the workshop, “Life AFter the Love of Your Life Retires & (Oh God!) You’re Spending All of Your Time Together!” 

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