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1000 Women StrongHave you ever felt “stuck”, kept in your place by persons or circumstances, longing to break free but not knowing how to do, what else you would do, or if you could even do anything else? I know I have. It’s a terrible place to be. As a result, I am committed to helping women move from that place of disempowerment back to their innately powerful one. And I need your help.

I’m looking to get 1000 women to donate $25 or more in order to fund empowerment workshops for 1000 other women who need to hear the message but can’t afford to pay for it. I’ll be working with 501(c)(3) organizations who share a mission of helping women by providing their clients with this valuable workshop. I’m getting closer to my target goal – but there are only 2 weeks left in the fundraiser – and I still need your help! If you’ve been meaning to make a contribution, now’s the time.

Be a woman who helps to save to world!!  Be a woman who helps other women! (We all need that!)



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1000 Women Stronger: Empowering women to help them to help us all

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