Jane Harris – Reinvention With A Vengeance

Jane HarrisI received an uplifting email the other day from Jane Harris, who wrote to me after I invited Boomer women to share their stories of reinvention with the Women At Woodstock community.  Jane has undergone a reinvention, and then some! She tells me that before age 50, she was alone, a heavy smoker, living in a place she did not like, and working at a job that was not rewarding, to say the least.  At 50, she went through “the change” – and I don’t mean menopause. Jane embarked on a reinvention quest, and turned around just about every piece of her life. She quit her smoking addiction, bought her first home in a place she loves, went back to school at NYU, met and married her now husband, and partnered with an art therapist to create a series of workshops for women over 40 called JUMPSTART and LoveShops.

Check out the websites for Jane’s new ventures: Relationships by Choice, and Create A Relationship.

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Jane, and I hope to meet you at an upcoming Women At Woodstock retreat!

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