Ivy Slater

Ivy Slater

Ivy Slater is dedicated to helping Women Entrepreneurs and Solo-Practitioners to achieve thriving business success on their terms – to gracefully achieve their goals, to earn a lucrative income, to love what they do, to stay in robust health physically, mentally, and emotionally, and to enjoy ample time for all their most heartfelt priorities.

Before founding Slater Success Coaching, Ivy had her own successful printing business for 20 years. She is experienced with the strategies, principles, tools, and techniques to build a thriving business that also allows for the life of your dreams. She draws not only from her own experience, but has been trained by some of the best, most accomplished coaches and trainers in the business. She received her certification through the Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching, an accredited coach training school recognized by the International Coaching Federation, the leading trade organization for professional coaching.

Ivy is dedicated to helping women learn to:

  • Effectively set and achieve their targeted goals
  • Eliminate the cause of stress and overwhelm in their business
  • Increase leadership skills and authentic confidence
  • Get more done in less time
  • Employ consistent self-care practices that keep them in radiant health
  • Set healthy boundaries and enjoy time for what’s truly important
  • Earn more money than they thought possible

Slater Success Coaching helps women to create the perfect lifestyle – by learning the tools to move forward in business, increase effectiveness, serve more people and make more money… all while maintaining the time and energy to attend to all their priorities.


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