I’ve Been Promoted: I’m Now a Featured Contributor on Sixty and Me!

Well, a pat on the back for me today. I’ve been writing pretty regularly for Sixty and Me, a giant and respected website for women 60 or so and up, and today I received a “Congratulations!” letter from Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me’s founder and publisher. She said:

Dear Ann – Congratulations! I talked with the team today and we unanimously agreed to make you a “Featured Contributor” on Sixty and Me.

Our readers love your articles and you are a pleasure to work with! Your insights are definitely helping the women in our community to get more from their lives.

So, we have highlighted you on our Featured Contributor page. Now it’s even easier for people to find your website and learn more about your mission.

This is quite an honor, and not easily awarded. So high five to self! 

Click here to check me out on my Sixty and Me Featured Contributor page. I’m one of the newer additions, so scroll down until you’re three or four lines from the bottom; I’m in the right column. To see the latest articles I’ve written for Sixty and Me, click here.

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