Indira Abby Heijnen – Private Chakra Assessment or Chakra Balancing and Healing Sessions

Indira Abby HeijnenOur wonderful morning yoga teacher Indira Abby Heijnen will be available throughout the weekend at Women At Woodstock 2017 to provide private sessions in Chakra Balancing and Healing and Chakra Evaluation. You’ll be meeting Indira on Thursday evening at our Welcome Party; a perfect opportunity to get to know her, ask her about Chakra healing if you’ve never had a Chakra session before, and book an appointment for the next day or the day after. Here’s what happens in each session:

Chakra Balancing and Healing is a process in which Indira assesses each chakra’s energy and vibrancy using a crystal pendulum. Based on what she finds the condition of your chakras to be, Indira will help you choose the one that feels most important for you to work on at the time. Once that chakra is chosen, Indira leads you through a series of questions to discover what’s behind the imbalance in the chakra. This is a very fluid and intuitive approach that unfolds organically. It is a very deep healing process. Some comments have been: “There aren’t quite words to explain it completely but I feel healthier, more alive, more connected to myself, better able to access parts of myself, experiencing more life force flow and vitality, and have an increased loving awareness. Much increased awareness, and so so so so much love. Thank you so much.” The Chakra Balancing and Healing is 1 hour at $75.

Chakra Evaluation involves the first part of the Chakra Balancing and Healing treatment. Using her crystal pendulum, Indira assesses each of your chakra’s energy and vibration. She will then tell you her findings with a brief explanation. This gives you the option to decide if you want to work on your healing yourself or you can choose to work with Indira in a Chakra Balancing and Healing session. The Chakra Evaluation is 1/2 hour at $45.

At the end of both the evaluation and the healing sessions, Indira will offer each person one or two exercises to practice at home, and a brief summary of their session.

Click here for more detailed information about Indira’s training and Chakra sessions.

If you’d like to schedule your private Women At Woodstock session with Indira now, email her at (NOTE: Sessions are open ONLY to those registered for Women At Woodstock.)

Click here to learn more about Indira.

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