Immunity-Boosting Foods Cooking Class

variety of fruits and vegetables

We’re all doing it – pouncing on articles, announcements, and downright rumors about what causes Covid-19 to hit some harder than others, what we can do to avoid contracting the virus, and how we can strengthen ourselves ahead of time in case we do.

That’s where this workshop comes in just at the right time. We’re bringing in extraordinary chef Cathy Vogt, a board-certified health counselor and professional whole foods chef to teach a cooking workshop for us online, specifically focused on immunity-boosting foods.

Those who’ve attended Women At Woodstock in the past few years know Cathy’s cooking first-hand and rave about it. She’s been our chef for many of our retreats and we have loved her food! So, we know without a doubt that the recipes she shares with us will be delicious and satisfying. And with her reputation as not only an events chef but also a private chef for people dealing with cancer and immunocompromising diseases, we have full faith in her knowledge and expertise.

Our cooking class with Cathy will cap off our workshop lineup at our Over-50 Retreat. Tune in on the last afternoon on Sunday for tips, techniques, and some delicious immunity-boosting recipes – including, perhaps, a celebratory cocktail!

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